Launching the Digital Magazine


The Digital Mag by Technikart is a magazine truly redesigned for a tablet medium

Smart phones and tablets have disrupted traditional e-commerce creating a massive shift towards mobile consumption of information. How can Technikart utilize this paradigm shift to continue delivering an unforgettable experience for its new e-readers?

The solution: On October 20th 2013 Technikart joined the mobile revolution and launched the first digital version of the magazine designed for iPad. This issue was dramatically redesigned to capture and maximize the capabilities of the iPad’s unique user interface.

The new format reconfigured both the layout and navigation processes allowing the readers to new discoveries. The contents of the magazine were enriched article by article with in depth tablet specific features such as; interactive quizzes, HD photo galleries, animations, videos, interviews and visual playlists. These enhancements create an immense increase in value delivered to the reader without altering the tone and editorial policies of the print version.

These benefits were immediately recognized by the media. “If you like the magazine Technikart, you'll love the magazine” (French Signature: “Si vous aimez le magazine Technikart, vous adorerez le magazine.”)

The results are indisputable, innovation pays! Reader satisfaction is demonstrated in the massive number of downloads. The first issue was downloaded tens of thousands of times representing a 30% surplus over the original objectives. The Technikart app has been heralded as a prime example of innovation and has been selected as one of the BEST OF 2013 iPad applications.

The Digital Mag Technikart
Selected by App Store in
« The best of 2013 – iPad Applications »
Technikart the Digital Mag
Rewarded “Official Honoree”
Cat. Mobile & App – Webby Award 2014