Context, problematic

The international Lingerie Trade Fair in Paris is the key event for all underwear brands presenting their new collections to buyers.

Following the shift made in 2014, Passionata wants to find an original and connected alternative for its traditional fashion show to present its new Autumn/Winter 15 collection.

The challenge for Passionata is to propose an even more innovative event than the previous edition, to break with convention, and to offer the visitors an even more immersive digital experience.

Big Idea


The agency approach was to rely on the new Kinect (V2) released on July 2014, whose Natural User Interface allows to live a fully immersive experience. Thanks to new sensors, this new version offers a finer detection of the human body.

Users are immersed in the collection universe: “Pink Thriller” (“Les dessous de l’enquête” in French). They become investigators and must find the guilty set... guilty to seduce them. Like in a video game, they are projected in an interrogation room, exploring different scenarios created around the lingerie sets’ theme.

Hence visitors are invited to live a contactless interactive experience, only using hands movement, giving them a feeling of total control over the suspect.


The scenario takes place in an atmosphere inspired by the 50s’ thrillers; the user plays an inspector who must question five young women suspected of seduction. The 5 young women, performed by the same model, are placed in line-up, next to each other, facing the user. They keep watching the user moving in front of them, amplifying from the beginning the immersive experience.

The investigator has to select one of them to proceed to the questioning in a room. The moving hand represents a flashlight whose light beam moves at the whim of the user movements. Each lingerie set has its personality and thus a different staging for each interrogation.

Innovation, key of success

With an average time spent on the tool of 3.5 min, buyers were seduced by this innovative and interactive communication operation. This allowed Passionata to stand out from competition during the Fair and to generate real enthusiasm for this playful and modern operation.

Following this success, the brand will implement a web version of the application that would be available at the general public collection launch in September 2015.

Furthermore, the brand is also evaluating the opportunity to develop an in-store version of the application, which would help the consumer better apprehend the collection when shopping.