iam your story

How to gather and engage photography enthusiasts around a shared social platform?


Nikon offers multiple services and contents as relevant as disorganized to its users. How to capitalize on Nikon’s customer base in order to help users live a unique experience and strengthen their engagement towards the brand?


Create a unique lean and custom platform organized around a common passion: photography. Thanks to gathered DATA, the platform learns and recognizes interests of its users. Therefore, specific information and dedicated contents are pushed as the user browses the platform.

MY collection

A space that knows
users materials and
suggests them adapted
contents and equipment.

My Gallery

A space where users
can present photos
and exchange about
their passion.

My Nikon School

A dedicated photography school where users can purchase courses that fit their camera equipment and their level.

MY Challenges

A space where users
challenge each other
and surpass themselves.

My Nikon Live

A space dedicated to
the photography and
to the Nikon brand

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Approximately 2,000 visitors per day (excluding off-media and promotion period)
140,000 accounts created
13,000 products added by users
150,000 pictures uploaded by users